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Fall Garden Tool Maintenance
  OK, it’s that time of the year and every fall we (I) need a reminder to do a little garden tool maintenance.  Most of us are done or almost done gardening for the year, but before you head in … Continue reading

Our Year of Minimalist Gardening
At our house in Fort Collins, we had four great raised beds allowing me to plant more fruits and veggies than we could possibly ever eat and then there were all of our awesome flower beds. This year, between the … Continue reading

Creating an Awesome Space to Display the Garden Tools
First Blake painted all the plywood that he installed recently black and then the work to make it look wonderful began. He has been measuring, sawing, lining it all up with his new laser level and attaching cedar to the … Continue reading

And the Work Goes On, and On and On…
We have been so consumed with the work, that we have forgotten to do an update on our progress lately. The last few weeks have been no tradespeople and all Blake and I – mostly Blake of course. I pretty … Continue reading

Garden Tool Co…work in progress
 The last time we talked about the remodeling at our new building, the fire inspector had dropped by and busted us for a little demolition work before we got our building permits. Well after 8 weeks of waiting, we did … Continue reading

Long Handle 3-tine Weeding Fork from Sneeboer
The long 3-tine weeding fork from Sneeboer is a great tool to use if you need to break up the soil or weed in an area that is already planted without having to bend or kneel down. It features a … Continue reading

Oh How I Miss My Garden
While I couldn’t be more excited about the growth of Garden Tool Company and the resulting move to our new building, I am sure missing my garden about now. I had some wonderful raised beds for veggies and a whole … Continue reading

Planting Bars from DeWit Handle the Toughest Soil
When we lived in Dallas near White Rock Lake, the soil was so hard and rocky, I could barely get a tool into it, so I would have loved to have the new planting bars we got to help make … Continue reading

Coming Soon…Royal Dutch Hoe by Sneeboer
As you may know, Sneeboer celebrated their 100th anniversary this past January…and we were invited to the party in the Netherlands. We had a great time. Just before we arrived, Sneeboer was awarded one of the most prestigious awards a … Continue reading

New DeWit Boeren (farmer’s) Garden Fork
Anne and I visited the DeWit factory on our visit to the Netherlands this past January and what a time we had. If you can imagine a tool geek such as myself at a place where not only these fine … Continue reading

Share Your Love of Gardening With Your Children
It is never too early to teach your children to love gardening. When they are young, they love to emulate their parents, so why not get them some garden tools of their own and let them share the garden chores. … Continue reading

We Got a Little Ahead of Ourselves
Blake decided it was time for a little of the demo work in another part of the building, once he got most of the tool storage room done. Unfortunately, the Fire Inspector popped in and we found out demo requires … Continue reading

The Garden Tools are Back in Order – Hooray
Our racks arrived on Monday and we went to work assembling them right away. They were very easy to put together and the most difficult decision was how they should be spaced.     Here they are once we got … Continue reading

More Progress at the New Home of Garden Tool Company
 Once the floor was painted, Blake went to work on the storage for the long tools. After two rows of dowels were installed he began on a base to hold them off the concrete. Beginning on the east wall and … Continue reading

Garden Tools to Help Clean Up
Here in the center of the Country, most of us have yards covered with snow, but those of you in the south and along the coastlines can start cleaning up and getting your yards ready for planting and some of … Continue reading

More Progress at the New Garden Tool Company Building
  I painted the storage room and the only thing missing now is the door. Beti loves to be in the pictures. Then Blake went to work on the storage along the walls. There will be an additional row of … Continue reading

Sneeboer & Zn Celebrates 100 Years
On January 30, 2013 we had the pleasure of attending the celebration of Sneeboer & Zn’s 100th anniversary. Sneeboer is the manufacturer of one of Garden Tool Company’s premier garden tool lines. In conjunction with the anniversary they were proud … Continue reading

The Orchid Farm in The Netherlands
When we were in The Netherlands, Sietse DeWit took Blake and I to see the most awesome place called de Orchideeen Hoeve which translates as the Orchid Farm. It was an indoor tropical rainforest and one of the most beautiful … Continue reading

The Work Goes On at Garden Tool Company
We are now working on a storage room within the big garden tool storage room. Here is Blake working on the framing. And again, with the framing completed. Then he put up some drywall. And here he is with the … Continue reading

The Work Begins at the New Building in Westminster
Garden Tool Company has moved to our new building at 3901 W. 88th Ave. in Westminster, CO, but we have a lot of work to do since the building was a dance studio before we bought it. We will be … Continue reading

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