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In 1898 Willem de Wit started his small blacksmith company in Kornhorn, a small village in the province of Groningen in the north of Holland. As a village blacksmith, Willem repaired farm implements and shoed horses. Sons, Martinus and Derk furthered the business when they distributed hoes and spades across the country. Today 3rd and 4th (now 5th with Willem de Wit) generations run the DeWit Tool Factory.

Every DeWit tool grew out of the need to solve a problem back then and still do today.

Each of the hand crafted DeWit tools is forged of the finest quality high carbon Swedish Boron steel. DeWit then burnishes the steel which not only helps protect it longer but also gives it a black patina. Handles are made of sustainable ash hardwood grown in government controlled forests, which is both strong and shock resistant.

DeWit Tools makes a wide variety of tools including the famous Spork line and all are Guaranteed a Lifetime!

History of DeWit Garden Tools