50 Foot Garden Hose by Tuff Guard

Tuff Guard

Are you tired of buying cheap garden hoses from makers that claim their hose is the best and then you’re buying another one the next season?  Well, we’ve found a garden hose that is actually worth your hard earned money. Great for gardening, landscaping, home, boat/RV and construction.

50 Ft Tuff Guard Garden Water Hose features-

  • No kinking…really!
  • 35 – 50% lighter than regular garden hoses.
  • Crush proof, abrasion and chemical resistant.
  • Solid brass hex fittings thread onto the outer helix making pull-offs and leaks virtually impossible.
  • 5/8” polypropylene double helix construction for superior flexibility and weather resistance from -20 degrees to 158 degrees.
  • Working pressure – 100 PSI, Burst pressure – 300+ PSI
  • Made in the USA.
 Note: Garden hoses also available in 100 foot and 25 foot

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