Broll Bucket Cart


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Now includes NEW hauling bag!

The Broll Bucket Cart is quite the amazing new product. If you have jobs to do and things to carry when doing those jobs, the Broll Bucket Cart is a back saving and handy tool to have around.

It's unique design carries an ordinary (your) 5 gallon bucket on pivots, which keeps the bucket and whatever is in it, level at all times. Need to carry water to some plants? Just fill up the bucket, wheel it to where you need the water and dump, without removing the bucket.

Tired of not having the tool you need when you're out in the garden? Put them all in the bucket and easily roll them wherever you go. The jobs that this Broll bucket cart can help you with are endless. Quick release handle makes it easy to store or transport.

"I have to tell you; When I pulled the Broll out of the box and assembled it, I was quite impressed with the quality! All powder coated steel frame and super tough wheels with solid tires...that's right, no flat tires!" ~Blake


21 inches wide.

47 inches long (with handle)

24 inches tall (top of handle)

Note: Bucket Not Included...but you probably have one laying around anyway.

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