Brush Hook by DeWit Tools

DeWit Garden Tools

This Brush Hook by DeWit Tool is one mean little tool. At almost a pound and a half and the power of an axe, the Brush Hook easily cuts through underbrush and even small trees...great for cutting trail.

Handmade in Holland & Guaranteed a Lifetime!

The Brush Hook is heavy-duty, thick Boron steel blade with a stacked leather grip for moisture absorption and non-slip grip.

Brush Hook dimensions-

Length: 17 in. overall

Blade: 12 in. long X 6 in. wide

Approx. Weight: 1 lb. 6 oz.

* The neighbors and their kids will steer clear when you have this in your hands! (disclaimer: we like our neighbors and their kids)

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DeWit Tools has been producing hand forged Dutch garden tools in the north of Holland since 1898. Every DeWit tool grew out of a need to solve a gardening problem and today, 3rd and 4th generations run the DeWit factory.

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