Garden Soil Sieve - Nested Set of 3


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The sieve or “Riddle” has been used for separating soil from unwanted debris for centuries. Great for sifting compost for you potted plants and general gardening. Comes with 3 sieves with progressively smaller openings to sift your soil as fine as you’d like.

Each sieve is made of heavy duty polypropylene to resist chipping, denting, peeling, rust and water.

Soil Sieve dimensions-

Green - 20 in. diameter with ⅜” openings

Blue - 19 in. diameter with ¼” openings

Orange - 18 in. diameter with ⅛” openings

Comes with a carrying case and a 42” X 42” plastic tarp to keep your table clean.

Note: Also available is the Stainless Steel Garden Soil Sieve Set.

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