Hori Hori Knife Weeder


The Hori Hori garden knife has become the go-to garden tool for so many gardeners and for good reason...it does so many jobs! Weeding, cultivating, cutting and digging are just a few of many gardening activities you'll find the Japanese Hori Hori garden knife useful for.

Sheath included with knife.

The Hori Hori garden knife has an all stainless steel concave blade with a sharp edge on one side and a serrated edge on the other. The back of the blade has depth markings for accurate planting. Fitted with a hardwood handle.

A favorite of so many, many gardeners!

Hori Hori Knife garden knife weeder dimensions-

Overall length: 12 in.

Blade length: 7 in.

Approx. Weight: 10 oz.

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