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A favorite of so many gardeners, this Korean hand hoe (also called the Korean hand plow or Ho Mi) is a great tool for doing so many garden chores. With a blade shaped like a plow, this hoe right at home weeding, trenching or cultivating.

*Because of the confusion among many gardeners as to which is the correct “Right” or “Left” handed tool, please pick the tool that you feel best suits your gardening needs..."A" or "B"

Handmade in Holland and Guaranteed a Lifetime.

Available in right and left handed models, this hand hoe is hand forged of a single piece of hard boron steel and fitted with an Ash hardwood handle from FSC Certified forests.

Korean hand hoe dimensions-

Length: 12 inches

Blade: 6” X 3”

Approx. Weight: 10 oz.

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Since 1898, the DeWit family has been producing some of the finest quality garden tools available. Today, 3rd and 4th generations of the DeWit family run the factory in Kornhorn, Holland.

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