Pole Saw(16 foot extension) by Silky

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Put the ladder away, with this Silky pole saw, cutting those branches higher in the tree is no problem. Silky pole saws are the choice of professionals and the best selling pole saws the world over.

This pole saw extends from its 7ft 9in closed length to a whopping 16ft. Its aluminum pole is oval-shaped providing better control of the blade direction and giving it greater strength and rigidity. The extensions have 2 locking systems (spring loaded locking pins and friction clamps) to ensure that all your energy is transferred to the saw blade, even at the highest levels. You'll be in full control of this pole saw with its large comfortable rubberized grip.

The cutting blade has a full 15in cutting length and razor sharp teeth with 4 cutting angles for faster, more efficient cutting strokes. Blade features an upper and a lower sickle. The upper sickle allows you to cut vines and keeps the blade from coming off the branch. The lower sickle can be used to undercut bark.

*Comes with a heavy duty rigid plastic sheath for safety and blade protection.


Length: 7ft 9in to 16ft.

Blade Cutting Length: 15in.

Approx. Weight: 5.5 lbs.

Note: Also available is the 11 foot extension pole saw by Silky.

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