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Professional Watering Wands by Dramm

  • Pro Watering Wand by Dramm
  • Pro Watering Wand by Dramm - Length Choices
  • Pro Watering Wand by Dramm - Breaker Choice
  • Pro Watering Wand by Dramm - One Touch Valve
  • Pro Watering Wand by Dramm - One Touch Valve
  • Professional Watering Wands by Dramm - #400 water breaker
  • Professional Watering Wands by Dramm - #170 water breaker
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Product Description

If you’re as tired of buying watering tools season after season, you’ll appreciate these professional watering wands. Not your average watering wand, we handpicked the best Dramm commercial watering  parts and came up with a combination sure to last you a long time.  -Made in the USA!

"The Dramm watering wand has cut my watering time down by 70%. I finally get to do other things in the garden these days."

These pro watering wands are available in 16", 24” and 36” aluminum handles with your choice of a small (170) or large (400) aluminum water breaker. (see below). All models come with the NEW One Touch valve.

Invented, designed and manufactured in the USA by Dramm Corp...since 1945.

Great for watering larger areas, the #400 is Dramm’s original full flow watering head, designed to give your plants the maximum amount of water  without damaging your plants or disturbing the soil.  Cast aluminum with brass hose threads. 11.1 gallons per minute @ 40 PSI.


-170alum-100.jpg  Designed for watering smaller plants and hanging baskets, this #170 is great for watering where water pressure may be low or with systems that restrict total water volume. Cast aluminum with brass hose threads. 7 gallons per minute @ 40 PSI.



If you have any questions, please feel free to give us a call: 1-800-830-4019

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Product Reviews

  1. First rate quality and American-made

    Posted by Unknown on 7th Jul 2014

    Excellent quality, easy to use and it's a plus that it's American made.

  2. Nicely crafted but unbalanced at 36"

    Posted by Dr. G on 29th May 2014

    Good product and the #400 breaker showers plants quite gently and evenly. The 36" model gives quite a reach, but is not so ergonomically balanced with the heavier #400 head. I like the bucket handle thumb control. There is some loss of water velocity with the longer 36" length. Because of that, distance of water stream suffers.
    Overall though, I'm satisfied.

  3. Gentle showers

    Posted by Shahla B on 14th May 2014

    I saw this wand being used at the Smithsonian Greenhouses and seeing it in action decided that I must have one. My orchids love it and so do I.

  4. Very good design

    Posted by MichaelH on 7th May 2014

    This water has a very comfortable handle and great slide water flow guide. It does wabble a little in your hand when waving it. If your water pressure is good it is great.

  5. LOVE IT!

    Posted by L M on 23rd Apr 2014

    This watering wand is wonderful! I love the new one touch valve. It makes watering so enjoyable. I totally recommend this to anyone. Especially if you have a large area to water. Your plants will thank you for it. :)

  6. Awesome water wand

    Posted by j. rich on 15th Apr 2014

    I am in the Nursery business and have not been able to find a water wand that doesn't self destruct in one month. All of them are made out of cheap alluminum and always leak around the seams. This one is worth the 50. dollars I paid because it is built to last for years to come. The only complaint is it is much heavier than the cheap kinds but I can live with this. Highly recommend for the serious gardener who is tired of having to throw things away-plus it is made in the USA-yea! Plus I recieved this order in 2 days! Great customer service.

  7. best I have used

    Posted by TZ on 17th Mar 2014

    These wands work perfectly and are a quality product. USA made and you will see the difference between these and foreign junk from a big box store as soon as you open the box. They water with a gentile rain and the single thumb control is a great feature. They also do not leak so for indoor watering they are perfect. Buy one and you will be pleased!

  8. small diameter wand

    Posted by Unknown on 11th Jul 2013

    Perfect for our needs. Using a new collapsible hose with a small internal diameter. Large wands do not work. Glad we found you!


    Posted by Lourdes on 17th May 2013

    This wand is exactly what I needed for my garden. It's a quality product. It doesn't leak when you attached it to the hose. It give a gentle shower to my plants, I really enjoy using it. I love the foam grip.

  10. Best Long Reach Watering Wand I've Ever Seen

    Posted by Unknown on 16th Sep 2012

    This longer length watering wand was exactly what I needed for a deep flower bed I have in front of my home. The stores about suburban Chicago all seem to sell the shorter version of watering wands. Now I'm able to slide the shower head type sprayer right in next to the base of my plants for watering, some are nearly six feet in from the flower bed edge, it is absolutely fantastic !!!

  11. Excellent watering wand!

    Posted by Steve on 9th Aug 2012

    I am thankful I bought this watering wand. I got the 24 inch wand with the large head. I feel like I'm giving my garden a shower every time I use it. I enjoy using it, and this should last for years. Again, it's been worth paying more to get a quality product.

  12. The Essential Tool for 2012

    Posted by John on 26th Jul 2012

    Gardening under conditions of withering heat and drought is a challenge, esp the constant need to water. This wand has been my companion nearly this entire growing season. The wand is well balanced and the foam grip above the handle makes watering less burdensome. I would recommend the 36 inch handle and the #170 breaker esp for watering vegetable gardens. It's long enough to get down to the soil and allows you to water without getting in on the foliage.

  13. Better Watering Wand can't be found

    Posted by Frank Stone on 23rd Jul 2012

    I bought this watering wand as a surprise for my wife. She is thoroughly tickled with it. She waters her flowers every morning with it. The only draw back will be when the water bill comes.

  14. best wand ever

    Posted by Unknown on 17th Jul 2012

    Delivers a large volume of water gently and doesn't leak when attached to hose.

  15. Watering is so much easier

    Posted by Cathie on 8th Jun 2012

    Love this watering wand! I got the #400 breaker with the 24" handle. It's nice to use such a sturdy, well-made tool. The cheap watering wands in no way compare to this gem.

  16. Makes Watering a Breeze

    Posted by S Forbes on 14th Aug 2011

    Just a great product. You'd think there'd be nothing much that needs to be done differently with a watering wand. Not quite. Before I used this, I used a generic one from one of the big box stores. It was taking me 10 minutes to water; with this wand, it's taking me 4. Really. And I measured how much water was coming out just to be sure I was not losing my mind. Sure enough I was getting more than twice the water flow. Buy this. It makes watering your plants so much more palatable.

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