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Stainless Steel Serrated Blade Hand Sickle

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Product Description

Wow...that's what you'll say the first time you have this serrated blade hand sickle in your hand. You'll find all kind of uses for this great little hand sickle, whether it's light clearing of vines or ivy, thick grasses, vegetable harvesting or pruning raspberry bushes.

Lightweight, strong and super sharp. Made in Japan of stainless steel and fitted with a hardwood handle.

Serrated blade hand sickle dimensions-

Overall length: 13 in.

Blade length: 6 in.

Approx. Weight: 4 oz.

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Product Reviews

  1. Light Weight Tool

    Posted by DrB on 27th Jun 2014

    Not for heavy grasses or thick brush.
    Attached to pole for hillside weeds and it works well.

  2. Quality stainless steel hand sickle

    Posted by Mícheál on 28th Nov 2013

    Bought this tool to replace a favorite German made hand scythe that I misplaced. The blade on this Japanese tool is top quality stainless steel. The serrated edge was perfect for cutting away light brush from our gardens this autumn. The tool itself is lightweight and balanced. It's best suited for quick work on grasses and other similar material. I would not consider it on anything beyond 1/4" diameter. The one drawback compared to my old hand scythe is you don't get a large cutting radius, so I may consider one of the DeWit sickles for next year.

  3. Fabulous Little Tool

    Posted by Unknown on 17th Aug 2013

    just what you need to beat back late summer weeds that have gotten out of control. light weight and easy to handle. SHARP!! easily takes down end of season sunflowers and invasive honeysuckle vines.

  4. Great Blade!

    Posted by Ian on 10th Jul 2013

    Really impressed with how the knife blade can free up vegetables from the vine. The only think I think that could be improved upon is the attachment of the blade to the handle - there is just a slight amount of play in there. Not a big deal unless dealing with thicker stems/stalks. For the price, this is probably an unbeatable sickle

  5. Nice little piece of Craftsmanship and Utility

    Posted by ApprenticeGardener on 23rd May 2013

    This was inexpensive so I picked one up. Surprise, surprise!!! With a little bit of practice to develop a technique, it takes out smaller weeds, cuts non-woody stems, and trims up ornamental grasses in no time with little effort.

    Be aware of its sharpness and treat it with respect. It's a powerful little tool.

  6. Pleasantly Surprised

    Posted by Denny N on 22nd Mar 2013

    This is an excellent tool. The price is more than reasonable.

  7. Hand Sickle

    Posted by Bob on 17th Feb 2013

    The sickle was exactly what was pictured and described. It did the job as I expected.
    The shipping was quick and the company was a pleasure to deal with.

  8. Japanese tools rock

    Posted by Beth NEville Evans on 25th Oct 2012

    I think that every Japanese hand tool I've ever used has been fantastic and this is no exception. Very sharp, solid but lightweight, just great

  9. Best sickle ever

    Posted by Unknown on 22nd Sep 2012

    My wife live loves this sickle. She has been using them for years.

  10. good for very lightweight stuff but...

    Posted by jt on 25th Aug 2012

    This is a very sharp, light blade. It cuts like mad, what it can cut. Good for very lightweight stuff but will not handle anything heavier than heavy grass. I tried it on 3/8 - 1/2" lettuce-leaf weeds, and it just lodges in the stalk like an axe in a tree. It just won't handle a tough stalk, but you could cut with it all day it's so light.

  11. The most dangerous tool you'll love

    Posted by Aaren on 6th Aug 2012

    This hand sickle is amazing!.... light....easy grip....sharp...... powerfull. A section of grass which had grown up to my chest was no match for this blade, snicker snatch... through and through..... like buttah!

  12. Best Deal in Garden tools ever!

    Posted by MBrown on 9th Jul 2012

    I live this tool! I've had it for over a year, it's retained it's sharpness with a year of hard use. Love it! I am ordering 3 more, gifts and one for my husband because we can't share.

  13. Essential for the High Desert

    Posted by J E Newman on 4th Jun 2012

    Lightweight and EXTREMELY sharp. It's ideally suited to trim yucca which can jam even the finest pruners. The tool also excels in trimming cactus pads leaving clean cuts that heal easily.

  14. A real Cattail buster!

    Posted by Dolph Williams on 31st Jul 2011

    I have been clearing a large patch of mature Cattails in a detention basin. We tried several tools but this one was clearly the best! Manual hedge clippers were a distant second because this serrated blade cut multiple plants easily and in a single stroke.

  15. Amazing hand tool

    Posted by Beverly on 12th Jul 2011

    I have used this tool (have 3 of them) for the last two years for peeling off masses of vines from fence lines, slicing down stands of weeds all season long, trimming borders of plant bed with extreme ease, to using the tip of the blade to flick/cut out individual weeds. Really, I feel like Edward Scissorhands sometimes!

    Tough and sturdy, takes a lot of use and abuse to dull the blade. Even when dull, still sickle is still good for rough hacking.

    I just ordered 9 more. One for the farm, 2 for my personal use and 6 for the farm shareholders workers who wanted their own.

  16. best way to cut grass, weeds, etc.

    Posted by marney on 7th Sep 2010

    this is a comfortable and powerful tool to use.
    nice wieght and handle not to fat or thin.
    blade is incredibly sharp, so it get's the job done swiftly.

  17. very sharp

    Posted by Unknown on 25th Jul 2010

    Works great trimmimg small bushes and herbs.

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