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Top 25 Best Sellers of 2013

Best Garden Tools

We know it can be hard buying a gift for that special gardener, so we’ve put together this list of our best sellers to help you see what is popular with other gardeners. If you have any questions, please call or email us...you’re why we’re here.

Cape Cod Weeder by DeWit Tools  - $29.99

Dutch Trowel by DeWit Tools  - $22.47

Dutch Hand Hoe by DeWit Tools  - $39.99

Hori Hori Knife Weeder  - $39.50

Wrotter by Sneeboer  - $31.30

Professional Watering Wands by Dramm  - $47.55

Patio Crack Weeder by DeWit Garden Tools  - $22.47

3-Tine Hand Cultivator by DeWit Tools  - $22.47

Hand Hoe by Sneeboer  - $43.25

3-Prong Hand Fork by DeWit Tools  - $22.47

Half Moon Pull Garden Hoe by DeWit Tools  - $67.24

Long Handle 3-Tine Cultivator by DeWit Tools  - $34.99

Long Handle Patio Crack Weeder by Dewit Tools  - $26.99

Flower Gathering Shears by Victorinox  - $34.35

Hand Leaf Rake by Sneeboer  - $22.30

Japanese Cuttle-Fish Hoe  - $33.35

Transplanting Trowel by DeWit Tools  - $22.47

10-Tine Garden Rake by Sneeboer  - $99.50

Spring Tine Hand Cultivator by DeWit Tools  - $24.70

Pull Hoe (6 inch) by Sneeboer  - $74.60

Boeren (farmers) Fork by DeWit Tools  - $129.90

Leaf Rake 20-Tine by Sneeboer - $69.35

Dandelion Weeder by Red Pig Garden Tools  - $20.45

Crevice Weeder by Red Pig Garden Tools  - $22.40

Long Fork and Mattock by Sneeboer  - $88.10

Diamond Hoe by DeWit Tools  - $67.24

Farmer's Dagger by DeWit Tools  - $39.99

Okay, there’s 27...I couldn’t stop. If you still can't decide what to get that special gardener in your life, maybe you could give them a Garden Tool Company Gift Certificate.


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