I Belong to the Cult of Hori Hori

I Belong to the Cult of Hori Hori

I Belong to the Cult of Hori Hori

As many of you have heard, I am a weedophobe. I love to try all the new weeders we get and while I love many of them, the Hori Hori knife will probably never lose the top spot in my garden tool collection.

Those of us who love the Hori Hori exhibit cult like adoration and can’t imagine gardening without one. I rarely go out without it. I use it for weeding, planting, digging, cutting roots, and I have even tried to threaten Blake with it before.

Blake bought me my first Hori Hori knife from a catalog, many years ago, before we had even thought of opening Garden Tool Co. My family was a bit taken aback when I opened it Christmas morning, thinking it was a hunting knife. Once I figured out that it was for gardening, a great love affair commenced. I would probably still have that same Hori Hori if I had not taken pity on a young man who had heard of the knives but couldn’t afford his own.

We have river rocks in the beds and my Hori Hori is one of the few hand tools tough enough to quickly and easily move them aside and get to the roots. I can even use it when the weeds are right up against the concrete at the edge of the flower bed without fear of bending it. It has a thick, stainless steel blade with a slight curve. One side of the blade is sharp while the other is serrated, and it has a comfortable hardwood handle.

So if you’ve never had you hands on a Hori Hori knife, I suggest you give it some serious consideration next time you are tool shopping. In the past year it was the number one selling tool at Garden Tool Co. and it ranks among the top five every year.

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