I Never Dreamed I Would Call an Axe Sexy

I Never Dreamed I Would Call an Axe Sexy

I Never Dreamed I Would Call an Axe Sexy

I never owned an axe or even paid much attention to them in the past. But now I know, if you need an axe, you must consider Gränsfors Bruk in making your choice. The craftsmanship and attention to detail is unsurpassed and, yes, they are downright sexy.

Growing up, I wasn’t really what anyone would call handy or good with tools. That all changed after I married Blake, the consummate “tool guy”. With time, I learned both the importance of always buying quality tools and of using the right tool for the job. Gränsfors Bruk axes epitomize both concepts.

Each axe is handcrafted by a skilled smith who signs the axe with his initials as a symbol of the high quality and pride of craftsmanship. Because of this quality, Gränsfors Bruk backs the axes with a 20 year guarantee. When you purchase one of their axes, you receive a booklet with details about the axe and instructions for it’s use and care.

They have been producing hand crafted axes for more than 100 years in the Swedish village of Gränsfors. Many of the traditional methods are still in use, while the production methods have been refined and updated with experience and the company’s high environmental standards.

They make axes for use in camping, hunting, felling, splitting, woodworking and even produce ancient axes. They make double sided axes for the sport of Axe Throwing and they also offer a target.

The axes are made from steel from Ovako that is derived entirely from recycled scrap. It has a high carbon content so that it can be tough but not so hard that the edge chips. The handle was designed by Hans Erik Persson and old traditions have been adapted to today’s users to provide a steady, comfortable grip, even at arm’s length. The balance achieved in the construction of these axes must be felt to be believed.

My personal favorite Gränsfors Bruk axe is the mini hatchet, which is just like a very sharp knife on a small handle. Of course, I think all the ones we have seen are great and I haven’t even gotten to see any of the ancient or throwing axes.

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