The Diamond, the Onion and I Go to War

I consider myself to be something akin to the ‘Great White Warrior’ when it comes to weeds. I am a bit phobic about them in my grass or beds and I have easy access to a huge number of weeding tools.

With the recent never ending rains here in Colorado, the weeds in the front bed here at Garden Tool Company have been far outpacing the more drought loving plants. So today we finally had a bit of sun and I decided that it was time to go to war.

I decided to test one long handled hoe and one short handled. I chose the Sneeboer diamond hoe because my husband and the firemen from two doors down tested a bunch of the hoes and declared the diamond hoe and the oscillating hoe to be the winners. For the hand hoe, I picked the ninja onion hoe from DeWit because it is one solid piece of metal and has a flat side that I could use up against the concrete.

The front bed is not piece of cake when it comes to weeding. The previous owners placed a layer of landscape plastic, dirt and river rocks right over a bed covered with river rocks. So we have Colorado clay soil that once had two complete layers of rock. We removed the top layer of rocks and amended the soil extensively. Unfortunately, we still have a great many rocks and a lot of clay soil beneath the plastic and very few plants are small enough to be planted above it.

Well I could not believe the wonder that is the Sneeboer diamond hoe. That baby is sharp on all four sides and perfectly angled to slice those weeds right off. It dealt beautifully with the rocks as well. The only drawback was that I was afraid to go under the low hanging plants or right up against the edge of the concrete.

So in came the trusty DeWit ninja onion hoe to take over the remainder of the battle. Because it is a solid piece of steel you needn’t worry about bending or dulling your weeder trying to get that stubborn dandelion that has taken root right up against the concrete. Rocks were no challenge for it either. And when a deep rooted weed was encountered, you could just turn it over and use the side shaped like a dandelion weeder.

So this self-proclaimed weed slayer extraordinaire gives the two weeders a big thumbs up. I might have been able to defeat the enemy using just one or the other, but together we were invincible.