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Kneelo Garden Kneeler by Burgon & Ball

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We’ve seen a lot of garden kneelers out there, but none that equal the comfort of this new Kneelo by Burgon & Ball of England. Kneeling or sitting for a long time can be tough on your body, but with this Kneelo, you’ll get more enjoyment when you’re working hard in the garden.
  • Core layer is of shock absorbing EVA foam.
  • Mid layer of ultra-cushioning memory foam.
  • Outer layer of durable, waterproof neoprene.
  • Wipe clean, quick dry nylon cover.
  • Built in carrying handle

Kneelo garden kneeler dimensions-

Length: 20 inches

Width: 12 inches

Thickness: almost 2 inches thick

Approx. Weight: 12 oz.

Burgon & Ball of Sheffield, England has been manufacturing quality English tools since 1730.