Pro Water Breakers by Dramm

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OK, you’ve seen and used the cheap ones, now here’s one that will live up to the price. These water breakers by Dramm are known the world over as the professional's choice. Great for watering without damaging your plants or disturbing the soil. -Made in the USA!

All aluminum construction with ¾ brass hose threads. Choose from the original 400 or the 170 for smaller plants.

#400 - Great for watering larger areas, the #400 is Dramm’s original full flow watering head, designed to give your plants the maximum amount of water without damaging you plants or disturbing the soil. Cast aluminum with brass hose threads. 11.1 gallons per minute @ 40 PSI.

#170 - Designed for watering smaller plants and hanging baskets, this #170 is great for watering where water pressure may be low or with systems that restrict total water volume. Cast aluminum with brass hose threads. 7 gallons per minute @ 40 PSI


#400: 8 oz., Head - 2 1/4” wide

#170: 2 oz., Head - 1 ¼” wide