Hollow Tine Lawn Aerator by Sneeboer

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Is your lawn gasping for air? Over time, your lawn becomes very compacted, whether its from your walking across it every time you go out to garden, regular mowing, kids playing or dogs romping...it’s getting compacted and that means you lawn is not getting the air it needs for healthy growth....not to mention less water and nutrient absorption. Oh yeah...hard soil means less beneficial worms.

Poking holes in your lawn regularly by means of lawn aerator will provide your lawn with the air it needs for healthy growth. Now there are machines that you can rent to do this job faster, if you like loud smelly machines, not to mention very hard to maneuver...and have you ever tried to pick one of these machines up and get it into your car at the rental center...no fun.

So, why not aerate the ole fashioned way, with a tool that is simple to use, uses only your horsepower, does require multiple people to lift and the only thing you’ll smell is the air around you.

Handmade in Holland

With a step on the crossbar, this hollow tine lawn aerator pushes into your lawn and when extracted, leaves a ⅞” hole. Each time you press it into your lawn, the core from the last holes are expelled from the hollow tine. This lawn aerator is handmade of stainless steel, has two 4” long tines and is fitted with an Ash “T” handle from FSC Certified managed forests.

Lawn aerator dimensions -

Length: 42 inches

Head Width: 9 inches

Approx. Weight: 3 lbs. 11 oz.

“Anyone who has ever had a Sneeboer tool in their hand will never want to use anything else.”

…this is so true! Pictures just don’t do these tools justice. The combination of weight, length, shape of head, strength and balance make Sneeboer garden tools like no other. For over a century, every single tool is individually hand-made of the highest quality stainless steel by the artisans at Sneeboer - true works of art.