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Narrow Pull Hoe by Sneeboer

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If you’re looking for a precision weeding tool without all the bending, this narrow pull hoe from Sneeboer is just the ticket. With a blade that is only 1 ½” wide, you can easily weed close to your plants or in areas that are tightly planted.

Handmade in Holland

This narrow pull hoe is hand forged of hardened stainless steel and fitted with a 44” long Ash hardwood that is 1” in diameter.


Length: 51 inches

Head Size: 1.5” wide X 2” tall

Approx. Weight: 1 lb. 4 oz.

“Anyone who has ever had a Sneeboer tool in their hand will never want to use anything else.”

…this is so true! Pictures just don’t do these tools justice. The combination of weight, length, shape of head, strength and balance make Sneeboer garden tools like no other. For over a century, every single tool is individually hand-made of the highest quality stainless steel by the artisans at Sneeboer - true works of art.