Double Cutting Pruning Shears A2 by Vesco

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These double cutting pruners are unique in that the two blades come together in the center providing a very clean cut. Very few makers produce this type of pruner because of the precision needed to make these blades meet in the middle. Because the blades do not overlap, the pruner can be used with either the left or right hand.

Available in Small or Med/Large Hand Size

The blades are forged and heat treated carbon steel and the handles are forged aluminum with a non-slip rubber coating and handle lock. Handmade in Italy

Because these blades are very precisely aligned, the manufacturer recommends that you do not sharpen them. 

Double Cutting Pruner Size -

  • Length:  7.75 inches
  • Cutting Capacity:  ¾”
  • Approx. Weight:  8.9 oz.
Vesco Professional Cutting Tools...handmade in Italy with a mix of new technology and old world craftsmanship.