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Bob Long Handle Hoe by Sneeboer
Bob Long Handle Hoe by Sneeboer - Stainless Steel
Bob Long Handle Hoe by Sneeboer - Blade Detail
Bob Long Handle Hoe by Sneeboer - Blade  Bottom
Bob Long Handle Hoe by Sneeboer - long Ash hardwood handle

Bob Long Handle Hoe by Sneeboer

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Like the Bob hand hoe, this Bob long handle hoe came about at the request of a CSA farmer (named Bob) that couldn’t find a replacement for his old favorite weeder. He asked if Sneeboer could make such a hoe...this is the long handle version of that hand hoe.

Handmade in Holland

This long weeding hoe has a blade that is sharpened on all sides, so it cuts weeds on the push and pull stroke and the notches front and back keep the weeds from sliding off to the side before they are cut. Like all Sneeboer tools, this hand hoe is handmade of the finest stainless steel and is fitted with an Ash hardwood handle that was harvested from FSC Certified forests. 

Bob long handle hoe size:

  • Length: 68 inches
  • Blade Width:  6 inches
  • Approx. Weight:  2 lbs. 5 oz.

Anyone who has ever had a Sneeboer tool in their hand will never want to use anything else.

…this is so true! Pictures just don’t do these tools justice. The combination of weight, length, shape of head, strength and balance make Sneeboer garden tools like no other. For over a century, every single tool is individually hand-made of the highest quality stainless steel by the artisans at Sneeboer - true works of art.