Covid Still Hurting Small Business

While I must say, Garden Tool Co. was very lucky the first year during the peak of Covid, this year the effects of it are catching up to our suppliers. Anne is working hard to re-supply our tools, but we can only get them as fast as they make them.

*Unfortunately, we don't know when any of the tools will arrive..but we suggest that if you see something you might want, snap it up as it may or may not be there the next time. 

Sneeboer...with just 13 people hand-making their tools for the dealers throughout the world, they are a bit overwhelmed with orders to say the least. Although they have been trying to hire people for quite some time, blacksmithing is an art the takes many years of training. As you probably know, Sneeboer tools are handmade one at a time and the video below will give you an idea of just how much time goes into each Sneeboer tool.

Gransfors Bruk Axes...Like Sneeboer, Gransfors axes are handmade by a handful of blacksmiths and an already hard to get product is taking more time to get back in stock.

Thank you for your patience!

Blake and Anne