Sneeboer Tool Engraving

Sneeboer Tool Engraving

Once again, the folks at Sneeboer are graciously engraving the handles on their tools to make your gift to your favorite gardener even more special.

***These tools will be engraved in Holland and delivered to Garden Tool Co in time to ship to you for Christmas. 

Here's How It Works 

If you would like free Sneeboer tool engraving, just go to any Sneeboer product page, check the "Engraving?" box, fill in the engraving information and purchase. Your tool(s) will be delivered to the address you specified before Christmas.

*You can have two lines of engraving...30 letters each line maximum. 

*Because of the timing involved in getting these tools engraved in Holland and back to us in time to ship to you before Christmas; the deadline for ordering engraved tools is November 30th 2016

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