STOP…Don’t Do This to Your Garden Tools

Do any of your garden tools look like these? If so you were probably using them for something you shouldn't have been.

Bent Hoe

Bent Fork

   Bent Trowel

Cracked Spade

When we lived in Dallas near White Rock Lake, the soil was so hard and rocky, I could barely get a tool into it and here in Colorado it is clay which can be equally different to deal with. And who hasn't had issues trying to deal with roots. Most hand forged steel garden tools are strong, but they are not typically designed for prying, destroying large roots or moving big rocks.

The tools we sell are designed to last you a lifetime IF you treat them right. For instance, if you are working with a fork or spade and you come to something that feels immovable you should stop pulling or pushing because that is when tools bend or break. Take a look at what stopped the tool you are using and get the proper tool made for dealing with the problem.

For example we have planting bars we got to help design when we were in the Netherlands in 2013 visiting with the folks at DeWit Garden Tools. They are blessed with very soft soil in the Netherlands, but they realize that different soil conditions require different tools. The planting bars weigh just less than 7 lbs. and feature different heads depending on your needs. One has a point, one a chisel and one a nice curved head like a small trowel. They all feature a ball handle for a great grip and are two feet long making them just perfect for two handed digging or wrestling with roots and rocks.

If the job is even bigger, a digging bar is also available. It is just over 4 feet long, weighs 13 lbs. and features the same curved head as one of the planting bars. There are few limits to what you can handle with this tool and just try to destroy this dynamo – it won’t happen.

The planting bars and the digging bar are all hand forged by the blacksmith’s at DeWit who have many years of forging experience and they feature a lifetime guarantee. They are virtually impossible to bend or break. So if you think your soil is tough or you are dealing with roots, just wait until you tackle the job with one of these bad boys. Whether it is clay, compacted soil, rocks or roots, you and the bars will win every battle and your garden tools will remain intact.
There are also several axes from DeWit that do a good job with roots. You don’t need to try to cut them with your good pruners or break them with your spade. They come in a range of sizes from the 31.5 inch, 6 lb. super splitting axe, stepping down to the hand axe weighing in at just under 3 lbs. with a length of just under 16 inches and a blade just under 5 inches. There is even a light weight choice called the gardener’s axe that only weighs a pound and is 14 inches long making it very easy to carry around your garden. So there should be one to suit most any of your needs.

If the situation involves smaller roots, the root saw from Red Pig tools is another great choice. The root saw's blade is thicker on the back of the blade for strength and narrower where the teeth meet the root for easy cutting. It cuts on the pull stroke and is hand forged in the USA. It has a 6 inch blade and weighs 7oz.

So take pity on your good spades and forks and get the right tool. If you don’t want to wait on an order to arrive or just don’t want to spend the money on one of these great examples, at least consider a pry bar from your local hardware store.