Hope you like the new look!

If you've been to gardentoolcompany.com in the past, you're probably noticing a big change. We've just moved to a new software provider so that we can integrate it with our new retail store.

Unfortunately, if you had an account with us before, your password did not move with us. Your password was encrypted (we couldn't even see them) and could not migrate with your address information we have.

We hate to ask you to do this, but to activate your account again, please email us at the address below and we'll send you an account invite.

Click on link to email us - sales@gardentoolcompany.com

So sorry for any inconvenience this might cause you!

Anne and Blake Schreck

Garden Tool Company.

PS...this gardentoolcompany.com website was built to help you find quality garden tools, so if we're missing something you'd like to see here on the website, please let us know.