Which Hoe Should I Choose?

I can’t begin to count the number of times people have called or written to ask which hoe they should buy. We carry more than 25 long handled hoes, so there is no single answer to the question.

There are as many hoes as there are jobs in the garden or yard. Ask ten gardeners which hoe they prefer and I guarantee you won’t get one answer and you might get ten.

One of the primary differences in hoes is whether they work with a pull motion, a push motion or both. Another big factor in choosing a hoe is the size and shape of the head. Some hoes are better for surface work and some are made to go deep into the soil.

Personally, I prefer a hoe that you can push or pull and my favorite of these is a diamond hoe. The shape of the head allows me to work in tightly planted spaces and it can work from side to side in addition to front to back. It allows me to work in areas that are already planted and the plants are very close in many of our beds.

For a larger area, an oscillating hoe or a wide push hoe may be your best bet. They give you the ability to cover a large area and they work deeper into the soil.

If the soil is hard, compacted or rocky, an eye hoe or a mattock might be the ideal choice for the job. They allow for a chopping motion to help break up the planting area.

Any number of hoes can be the right hoe for one task and no single hoe will be the right hoe for all tasks. Many gardeners have an extensive collection of hoes and would be hard pressed to choose one favorite.

Please don’t hesitate to contact us if you need help choosing a hoe, just be prepared for a lot of questions before you get a recommendation. And often times, we’ll give you several choices when we make the recommendation. After all, there is no “one hoe fits all”.

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