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Artisan Shears - Trimming and Pruning
Trimming Shears
Pruning Shears
Pruning Shears in use.
Trimming Shears in use.

Artisan Shears

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$ 26.00

Influenced by old-world Japanese design, the trimming and pruning shears are made to handle a wide range of gardening needs. 

Intentionally designed to facilitate precision work, the rounded handles of the Pruning Shears provide extra leverage for larger tasks while the deep-reaching Trimming Shears make quick work of more nimble or delicate projects. 

Made of stainless steel with an antique finish, both shears have ambidextrous grip and are water and rust resistant. 1-year limited warranty.

Trimming Shear Size:  

  • Length:  
  • Blade:  2 inches

Pruning Shear Size:  

  • Length:  
  • Blade:  2 inches

While we are not big fans of products made in China, these tools are made with only the finest materials specified by Barebones. Each comes with a warranty and we feel they are better than can be purchased from the big box stores.   ~Anne & Blake