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Field Shef by Sneeboer - Full Front View
Field Shef by Sneeboer - Bottom Half
Field Shef by Sneeboer - Size Comparison
Field Shef by Sneeboer - Blade Back
Field Shef by Sneeboer - Blade Front
Field Shef by Sneeboer - Engraving
Field Shef by Sneeboer - T Handle

Field Shef by Sneeboer

Sneeboer Garden Tools
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This new Field Shef fork/spade/transplanter is a tool of many abilities. The sharpened, curved blade makes it ideal for transplanting as well as small root cutting and the cut-outs on the blade make for less resistance when pushing into the soil...a true hybrid of tools that will make your digging jobs a pleasant exercise. 

What's with the name...Jaap Sneeboer explains - 'When I took over my dad’s business April 1986 I admired Sheffield”. The Field Shef is our homage, our admiration to Sheffield, England, the Steel City and its surroundings, known for British Steel, cutlery and where the best English garden tools used to be produced.'

The Field Shef is handmade of the finest stainless steel and fitted with strong Ash hardwood handle from FSC certified forests.

Size -

  • Length: 46 inches
  • Blade:  5.5"W x 8.5"H
  • Approx. Weight:  3 lbs. 10 oz