Long Japanese Bachi Gata Garden Hoe

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This lightweight (but tough) garden hoe is sure to bring a smile to your face when you’re going after those big nasty weeds...and doing so without bending. You’ll also love the way it easily breaks up hardened soils.

This hoe is a solid one-piece forged Japanese steel and fitted with a hardwood handle for years of gardening enjoyment.

Long Japanese Bachi Gata Garden Hoe dimensions-

  • Length:  48 inches
  • Blade:  3 inches wide
  • Approx. Weight:  1 llb. 11 oz.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Michiko P.
Great tool in a small vegetable garden

I like the sharp blade and the light weight which is easier to handle by a small woman like me.

Best hoe I ever used.

I got mine about 10 years ago and use it extensively in my garden for planting seeds and transplants. It works well for burying vegetable trimmings. About once a year I need to check the tightness of the wedge but I easily notice the difference in “feel” of the hoe when the wedge is loose. Handle is sturdy and works well. I got rid of all my hoe collection once I got this. It isn’t suitable for grubbing but works well for gardening.

Tom D.
Good for light work if modified.

I garden at home as well as remove invasive plants at a local park. This would be a good tool for light garden hoeing, if the handle was epoxied into the socket. It is not suitable, as manufactured, for levering out even small brushy invasives, such as honeysuckle and mutiflora rose. The handle socket is to short for any but the lightest of work. Using a wedge to attach the handle does not work well. I removed the handle, welded an additional 1.25" of steel onto the socket and epoxied the handle into the lengthened socket. The tool now works very well for removing small brushy invasives. If the handle was epoxied into the socket, this tool would work well for removing garlic mustard plant roots that break off when pulled. It is light weight and easy to carry in the woods. It works well as a walking stick when traversing difficult terrain.

Mitch R.

The wedge fell out after 15 minutes of use. Replacing it split the handle. I had much higher hopes. Got a refund quick and easy, though.