Scandinavian Forest Axe by Gränsfors Bruk

$ 230.00

This Scandinavian Forest Axe has a curved bit making it great for cutting into resinous trees such as pine. It’s longer handle adds more power to every swing making it an ideal axe for felling and limbing trees.

Hand-forged of high carbon Swedish steel and fitted with an American Hickory handle. Vegetable-tanned leather sheath included.

Scandinavian Forest Axe size -

  • Length:  25 inches
  • Weight:  2 lbs. 9 oz. w/o sheath

    Since 1902, Gränsfors Bruk in Sweden has been hand forging the finest axes in the world. Each axe is handmade by one of twelve blacksmiths and they’re so proud of their work, they stamp their initials in the axe head.

    Limited Availability - Because of the nature of handmade, hand-forged products, Gränsfors Bruk axes may become out of stock for 4-8 weeks...or longer. High quality durable tools take time to craft and these artisans take the time needed to produce the very best for you.  Are they worth the wait...Yes Indeed They Are!


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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 4 reviews
    Paul L.
    Great axe

    This is a terrific axe. I like the length very much. The fit and finish is top notch.

    Ed G.
    Great Little Axe

    This axe is awesome. I use it for work and use it for camping it’s the perfect everything axe Gransfors Bruks puts out a great selection of usuable masterpieces.

    Andrew C.
    Excellent axe

    It comes extremely sharp. It is a tad light at just under three pounds which makes it almost difficult to feel in your hands so be careful. For the weight it takes huge bites out of wood with relatively little effort. I was used to swinging a 8 pound double headed axe and the crossover was huge. I bought this axe mostly for wood chopping but it gets really dangerous when you're putting your downward force into it because like I said I couldn't feel it as well in my hands. It's more likely to go through whatever you're chopping and into your leg.. which is what happened to me. I've chopped alot of wood and I know this isn't a wood chopping axe. It's a felling axe. So the lighter weight and shorter handle combined with the superior axe head metal and sharpness are factors I will take into greater consideration, now. I love and respect the axe more, even after splitting my tibia like a piece of firewood. [I'm making a full recovery, no worries]

    It’s working hard

    I’m using this axe to trim some small felled trees and I find it to be easy to handle. It’s well balanced so it’s easy to work productively. The steel is of fine quality and the handle is superb! Thanks.