Japanese 3 Prong Hand Cultivator Rake

$ 34.00

This Japanese 3 Prong Hand Cultivator Rake is great for breaking up the toughest of soil, weeding, raking and clearing debris in those tight spots such as beds and between plantings. Its 4 inch tines dig deep into the soil for mixing in nutrients or aerating.

The head on this 3-prong hand cultivator rake is hand forged of Japanese steel and fitted with an Oak handle. This is one tough little garden tool.

Japanese 3 Prong Hand Cultivator Rake Size-

  • Length: 14 inches long
  • Head: 4 x 4.5 inches
  • Approx. Weight: 10 oz.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 20 reviews
Alexandra Y.
The Claw!

When planting I use it to rough up the surfaces of the hole I've dug. For weeding I use it to loosen hard dry soil surrounding the most tenacious and pernicious interlopers. It's beautiful for working soil amendments or fertilizers into the dirt and around established plants both in the ground and in containers. This beautiful Japanese tool has become my go to, the tool I must never forget when I'm off to the community garden and the one I wouldn't dream of leaving there. It is indestructible and also looks dangerous. Very cool.

Timothy H.
Great garden tool

I have only praise for the tools you can buy from Garden Tool. I have three of their tools and looking to buy another. This tool works well for cultivating and weed extraction. Its a tool that will likely be passed down.

Strong tool

Breaks up clumps quickly, loosens rain-compacted soil. Great in small areas. I usually follow up with the ninja hand rake for a smooth finished appearance.

Dondra S.
My 3rd Hand

Excellent for weeds, loosening soil ,stone , hand raking debris the list goes on …
Couldn’t do what I do without it , bought a spare if I should misplace it . Favorite tool !!!

Peggy L.
Great Tool

Digs deeply, works like a bigger cultivator, loosening and able to leave plants in place. New favorite

Mark D.
My go-to tool for my clay soil and everything else out there.

This has VERY sharp tines that actually keep their points!! The treated Oak handle will last for many years. Nice width too for working in between rows. This is a replacement of a lost one that served me well for 20 yrs.