Garden Tool Co. started with a broken edger from a big box store…

Anne and I had just bought a new lawn edger so we could expand some flower beds, but the first time I pushed it into the soil, it bent over unusable. After buying more than our share of crappy tools from the big box stores it was then that we said, "there's got to be better tools out there". (if I remember correctly, there were some colorful words included in that)

It was 2009, I was a laid-off carpenter, Anne was underemployed and we were looking for a business idea…”why not garden tools, surely we’re not the only gardeners that are frustrated with poor quality garden tools that are available today.”

Well, we did find that there are still garden tool makers that care more about the quality of the tool they make than the quantity, tools that were made to last a that felt good in the hand because they are handmade by artisans.

We realized right from the start that just offering quality products wasn't enough, we wanted to provide uncommon customer service that seems to be lost these days, so every decision we make is based on the words "it's just the right thing to do".

In this age of disposable consumer products we want to offer good quality garden tools, but more than that, we want you to be confident that the company you purchased those tools from will stand behind them with the service that you deserve. 

We live in the Texas hill country (Kerrville, TX) on 20 acres with 4 dogs and 2 is good. As for gardening, we've pretty much learned that deer will eat almost anything...deer resistant plants are, well, NOT.

~Anne and Blake Schreck

Anne & Blake Schreck of Garden Tool Co.

Buying online...what a pain!

We know how hard it is to buy online where you can't actually put your hands on the products, so we'll try to give you as much information and pictures as we can. (we're also creating product videos, although it's really been hard getting over our camera shyness)

And...if you're like us, you want it right now, so we ship the same business day you order, unless its very late afternoon and then it goes out the next business day.

What’s on your mind is very important to us. Have a question about a tool?  What garden tools do you like or dislike?  Have you seen a tool that you can’t find?  Something about the website? – let us know, you're why we're here.

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