Since 1898, DeWit® has been a family-owned and operated business. From a simple village forge, they have grown into a modern industrial operation where quality has always been at the heart of everything they do. Over 125 years later, they continue to work every day to produce the most innovative and sustainable garden tools in the world…100% original products produced in the Netherlands. Garden tools are shipped worldwide daily from their factory at Kornhorn in Groningen. 5 generations of the DeWit brand and a team of highly skilled employees guarantee the quality you deserve.

DeWit Sustainability

DeWit has been committed to sustainable production for many years. Approximately 15 years ago, they introduced our first induction furnace. This furnace enabled them to forge steel to 1200 degrees, which is the ideal forging temperature without the use of oil, coal or gas. Today, they generate their yearly electricity needs from their factory roof top full of solar panels and they now supply power to dozens of our induction ovens. In addition our tool handles come only from FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) forests. In this way, we not only produce products that are sustainable, but tools that last for many generations.

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