Garden Spades - Choosing the Right One

We've come a long way since we were digging with our hands way back when to the gardening spade that we use today. Only the quality of the materials have changed since the Chinese had a bronze spade around 1100 B.C. that closely resembled today's spade.

Gardening spades are workaholics and because of the nature of the work they do, it's counterproductive to not buy the best one you can afford. Buying look alike garden tools will just frustrate you and adds to our landfills.

The best gardening spades are typically made of carbon or stainless steel with the head and handle socket that are hand forged (not stamped) from a single piece of thick metal. Socket handle connections are very strong, but spades with a strapped handle connection are considered to be the strongest available. Also, with the larger spades, look for one that has treads or shoe protectors on the top of the blade...your feet will thank you.

Ash hardwood handles have been the standard for hundreds of years, not only for their durability, but the ability to absorb shock and vibration. Long straight handles are available and are easier on the back, but the shorter traditional "YD" and "T" handles are still the most popular. Fiberglass handles are stronger, but absorb less shock and are harder to fit into the socket should it break and need to be replaced.

With all that said, let's have a closer look at some of the more popular gardening spades and how each type might help you with your gardening needs.

Garden Spade - The garden spade is the earth mover of the spades. With a head typically  6-8 inches wide and 9 - 11 inches long, it's great for double digging, spading up the ground, preparing beds and with its semi-flat blade, a good edging tool. The garden spade is available with a long straight handle, "T" handle and the "YD" handle.

Border Spade - For someone who doesn't want or need the large size of the garden spade, the border spade is just the right size. Made with the same toughness of the larger spades, the border spade is great for working in raised beds, flower beds, tight spaces and planting smaller shrubs. (perfect for those one gallon size plants)

Transplanting Spade - With a long narrow blade, the transplanting spade reaches deep into the soil to leverage out those deep rooted plantings. Also a good for transplanting large perennials, ditch digging and shrub planting..

Specialty Spades and Shovels - You'll find a specialty shovel for just about any need, whether scooping mulch or dividing plants.