Below are some garden tool articles that we hope you'll find helpful.


Best Oil for Garden Tools

There is no more important thing you can do to help your garden tools last and is also one of the simplest...oil your garden tools. With this simple step, you can prevent rust on the metal portion of the tool and when applied to any wood element, you’ll prevent drying and cracking. (click here to continue reading)


Garden Tool Care and Maintenance

Take care of your garden tools and they will take care of you! Well, that’s easy to say but if you’re like me, the last thing I want to do after a day of gardening is clean and oil my garden mind is clearly set on showering and putting my feet up with something cold to drink. (click here to continue reading)

Choosing a Garden Fork

Choosing a garden fork...easy right? I mean, all you have to look for is a garden fork that is well made by a reputable company and you’re done. Well...maybe not. What kind of work are you asking your garden fork to do? (click here to continue reading)

Choosing a Garden Spade

We've come a long way since we were digging with our hands way back when to the gardening spade that we use today. Only the quality of the materials have changed since the Chinese had a bronze spade around 1100 B.C. that closely resembled today's spade. (click here to continue reading)

List of Garden Tools Every Gardener Must Have...or Not!

While some would tell you that there is some magic list of garden tools that every gardener should have, the simple fact is, gardens and gardeners come in all shapes, sizes and needs. (click here to continue reading)

Garden Trowels...They're All The Same, Right?

It wasn’t too long ago that if you went looking for a garden trowel, you could go to 10 different places and buy a trowel at each place and you’d end up with 10 almost identical looking trowels. And that was fine; I mean, all we used them for was digging small holes, planting, potting and maybe some occasional weeding. (click here to continue reading)

Quality Garden Tools...Are They Worth It?

OK, I'll start this out by saying that I realize that not everyone can afford the higher quality garden tools, nor do I think that people who "garden" one Saturday every spring necessarily need a better quality garden tool, but if you're an avid gardener and you rely on your tools to make your gardening more enjoyable and less tiresome, isn't it worth it to have tools that work as hard as you do....time after time? (click here to continue reading)