Hand Hatchet by Gränsfors Bruk

$ 190.00

This hand hatchet is short handled, but long on chopping power and quality. You’ll find it a great size for splitting kindling, smaller firewood or even felling a small tree...and because of it’s compact size, it can come with you anywhere, anytime.

Hand-forged of high carbon Swedish steel and fitted with an American Hickory handle. Vegetable-tanned leather sheath included.

Hand Hatchet size -

  • Length:  9.5 inches
  • Weight:  1 lb. 4 oz. w/o sheath
“You need only hold one in your hands to know you’ve got something very special”

    Since 1902, Gränsfors Bruk in Sweden has been hand forging the finest axes in the world. Each axe is handmade by one of twelve blacksmiths and they’re so proud of their work, they stamp their initials in the axe head.

    Limited Availability - Because of the nature of handmade, hand-forged products, Gränsfors Bruk axes may become out of stock for 4-8 weeks...or longer. High quality durable tools take time to craft and these artisans take the time needed to produce the very best for you.  Are they worth the wait...Yes Indeed They Are!


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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 3 reviews
    Anna P.
    Fabulous Gransfors Bruk Hand Hatchet !

    I never thought I would write a review about a hand hatchet, but this one is simply superb ! I ordered it with some trepidation, since I am a not so young woman with small hands and some arthritis. However, it was either this hatchet or paying the tree service company close to a thousand dollars for removal of some pesky self-sown pin oaks close to my retaining wall at a commercial property. After receiving the neighboring property owner's permission, I went to town with this hatchet and removed 4 oaks about 4-6 inches in diameter and then girdled the trunk of a larger oak (about 12 inches diameter). I normally do not kill trees ! But this was an absolute necessity. This tool is incredibly well-balanced. There is no way it can slip out of your hand ! It is really, really sharp and flies in at just the right angle . In addition, it is a really beautiful piece of craftsmanship. I am sure I will find additional uses for it in my home garden. All in all I am very impressed with the Gransfors Bruk Swedish steel hatchets.
    The Garden Tool Company is simply the best place to find just the right tool with always amazing customer service !

    great hatcet

    my wife bought me the craving axe for making spoons an bowls. great tool to have handy when working on my crafts. wish i had it sooner. thanks

    David K.
    Great Tool

    I purchased this hand hatchet, by Gransfors Bruk for use around the yard and camping trips. It is very well designed and incredibly durable. The edge was very sharp and finely ground. The wood of the handle was a little rough, but this may have been by design to give the user a better grip. I am very satisfied.