Rock Garden Spade by Sneeboer

$ 134.00

You’ll find this narrow rock garden spade or narrow stone spade is quite the digging and planting tool...especially when working in confined spaces. While this rock spade was designed for working in rock gardens, it’s also great for working in areas that are already heavily planted and you don’t want to disturb the neighboring plants.

Handmade in Holland Since 1913.

Hand forged of hardened stainless steel with built-in steps to keep your feet from getting sore and fitted with an Ash hardwood handle with a “T” grip from FSC Certified forests.

Rock Garden Spade Size-

  • Length: 42 inches
  • Blade: 3 inches x 7.5 inches
  • Approx. Weight: 2 lbs. 14 oz.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 12 reviews

This tool is great for removing weeds in very tight places. It's almost surgical the way it will take out the problem that's growing in the middle of a perfectly formed perennial.

Rudy B.
Great Tool, Great Service

Purchased the Rock Garden Spade made by Sneeboer. The tool arrived on time with good notifications from The Garden Tool Company. Purchased for my wife in her gardens. She reports the tool is fabulous for weeding and removing quack grasses as well as planting and removing rose bushes.

Nicholas E.
Narrow Stone Spade

Excellent tool for hard soils. Fun to use. Think of this as a trowel you can step on for small fast digging chores.

Colette Z.
Must have for heavy clay soil

I love all of my Sneeboer tools but this one is my favorite for our rock like clay soil. As a small female with a normal shovel, I often stomped on the shovel multiple times with no result. I would just give up after a few tries. But the narrow stone space penetrates our our hard rocky, sticky, heavy clay soil like butter! (well almost). A game changer and great for getting out stubborn dandelions our of our compacted lawn..

Colette Z.
Cuts through dry, compacted clay soil

This is my favorite Sneeboer shovel. (I have 3 others) It cuts though hard, compacted clay soil which other shovels cannot penetrate. Once dried , our soil is like a rock - making it almost impossible for me (a medium sized female) to dig a hole or even amend the soil. But this shovel has saved the day - allowing me to dig holes in rocky soil - without calling for help. It's sturdy and well designed - a must have for those with heavy, rocky, clay soil. It would also be good for dandelions in the lawn (also clay soil).

David M.
Beautifully made

Smaller than expected but gets the job done. Slightly concerned as I heard a crack when using it but no visible damage. I trust if it develops any problem it has a lifetime guarantee so happy to have it.