Compost Crank

$ 90.00

This Compost Crank® makes turning your compost pile less tiresome and more enjoyable. Just poke the auger end into the pile and begin turning the handles...the auger pulls itself into your compost. When you get to the desired depth, just pull up on the’re mixing and aerating your compost.

Made of stainless steel and recycled nylon for the handles, so if you happen to leave it out in the problem.

Compost Crank Size-

  • Length:  45 inches
  • Head:  4” wide x 5” tall
  • Approx. Weight:  2 lbs.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 20 reviews
paul o.
Outstanding - Compost Crank

This compost crank is great. Used to used hand tools to help mix up the compost in my rotating compost bin. This tool is fast and absolute. Time saver and it really improves the compost. It also speeds up the process.

Maria K.
Easy to use

Works very well- turns the compost easily. Glad I purchased it.

Victoria J.
Compost Cranks are the greatest thing since sliced bread!

Some of my composting friends have compost cranks, so I decided to go to the source. I love it. It is amazing how easy it is to churn up my stationary compost pile--and uses a different muscle group than my compost tumbler!

Traci N.
Compost Crank does the job

I love the compost crank. The best tool created for compost aeration. It's easy to use and easy on the back. It's a very sturdy tool and very light weight. I recommend the Compost Crank to anyone who maintains a compost pile.

Taissa R.
Awesome composter

Great tool for turning our compost. Much easier than using a shovel or pitchfork. Super happy with the purchase.

Michelle B.

Does the job!