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Dandelion Weeder by Red Pig Garden Tools

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This dandelion weeder is made to make your weeding easier.  Two very sharp teeth easily plunge into the soil to grab the roots of the weed and the “S” bend in the tang allows greater leverage to get them out.

-Handmade in the USA!

Each dandelion weeder is hand forged in from the finest steel available and the tang is twisted into the hardwood handle for a connection that will not loosen.


Length: 12 inches

Approx. Weight: 8 oz.

Made for Garden Tool Co. by Red Pig Garden Tools, each tool is hand-forged the ole-fashioned way by Bob Denman in his blacksmith shop located in Boring, Oregon. Because of this fire, anvil and sweat process, no two garden tools are exactly alike and are built to last a lifetime and beyond!