Dramm Professional Watering Wand

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If you’re as tired of buying watering tools season after season, you’ll appreciate these professional watering wands. Not your average watering wand, we handpicked the best Dramm commercial watering parts and came up with a combination sure to last you a long time.

"The Dramm watering wand has cut my watering time down by 70%. I finally get to do other things in the garden these days."

These pro watering wands are available in 16", 24” and 36” aluminum handles with your choice of a small (170) or large (400) aluminum water breaker. (see below). All models come with the NEW One Touch valve.

#400 Water Breaker - the original full-flow shower head nozzle head.

#170 Water Breaker - excellent for watering in areas with low water pressure.

Invented, designed and manufactured in the USA by Dramm Corp...since 1945.


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Customer Reviews

Based on 112 reviews
Dawn B.
Drama watering wand

Very sturdy watering tool. It is comfortable to hold and feels like it will last a long time. It gives the plants a gentle sprinkling and it is easy to adjust the flow of water.

Best watering wand on the market

No product comes close to this professional watering wand - it’s perfect!

Elizabeth J.
Wonderful Magic Wand

I truly love the ease, flexibility and dignity of the watering wand. They far surpass the ubiquitous nozzles sold in every hardware facility….which, in all probability will be leaking/ broken within several months. I just bought the wand for my daughter who has literally everything else!

Phillip B.
Professional Watering Wand by Dramm

Very pleased with Dramm watering wand, high quality. 36 inch version works quite well for my application.
Originally planned to purchase large diameter nozzle, was out of stock so selected
small diameter version. Turns out small version is perfectly suited for my needs.
One touch valve is convenient and smooth in operation. Foam wrap on handle is comfortable and provides excellent balance for 36 inch wand.
As always a superb customer experience from Garden Tool Company.

R S.

works like a champ i water my plants and flowers with it going to order more products from your store soon

Jane G.
Best watering wand ever!

I have three of these wands - one for each hose in my garden. Nothing can compare to the gentle yet full-flow water distribution. I can use it on newly propagated cuttings and seedlings because it is so gentle it doesn't wash away the soil or damage the plant. I also use it to water huge planters that need tons of water, and because the flow is so full, the job goes quickly without washing away soil. This wand really is the best out there - I have gotten rid of all of my other watering heads and invested in Dramm Watering Wands because they earn their keep by watering gently yet efficiently in my large and demanding garden.