Garden Mist Nozzle

$ 13.00

Do you have delicate plants or seedlings that need a delicate spray of water? These garden mist nozzles allow you to spray a fine mist instead of using a typical garden sprayer...which may harm your plants. Also great for spraying newly seeded lawns.

These nozzles are made of solid brass and have three mist jets that create a conical spray pattern. Made in the USA and fits standard garden hose threads.

Garden Mist Nozzle sizes:

  • Fine Volume:  1 gallon per minute
  • Low Volume:  2 gallons per minute
  • Heavy Volume:  4 gallons per minute

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Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Garden mister works great

Bought two of these, the 1 gpm and the 2 gpm and love them both. The finer one is perfect for newly started seeds. The next size is great for small plants that can't take a vigorous watering but need more than the finest mist. Solid, well-machined, a delight to use.

Garden mister works great

Love the solid brass components. I bought two, the finest and the middle spray. The fine one is perfect for newly planted seeds that require just one-eighth to one-quarter planting depth. The middle one is great for small plants and new sprouts.

Ercel B.
Garden Mist Nozzle

A terrific addition to the garden toolkit. The only thing missing, in my opinion, is a thumb valve that would give you the ability to turn on and off the water at the hose end instead of having to make trips back to the faucet to control the flow of water. But, as is, it is a well-made piece and should last for many, many years. I'm especially pleased with the folks who sold it to me. Quick turnaround, competitively priced. Will definitely use them again!

Garden Mist Nozzle

This is the finest nozzle for greenhouse watering of new seedlings. I use the finest spray on delicate shoots so the water doesn't knock them down to the soil. I think this is one of the best investments I've made on our farm to give our plant trays the best chance to be successful.